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'Andreas Syggros' Hospital of Cutaneous & Venereal Diseases, in Athens, was established in 1910 with the aim to provide medical care for patients with cutaneous or sexually transmitted diseases.
Over the years, the hospital has been acknowledged as a leading hospital for Clinical Dermatology in Greece with a longstanding experience in the diagnosis, research and treatment of cutaneous diseases.

The hospital is a teaching center for the 3-year postgraduate training of medical doctors in the specialty of Dermatology-Venereology, in Outpatient offices and in the Clinic. Also, the 1st Dermatology Department of the University of Athens is responsible for the teaching of students of the Medical School of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, Greece, with a series of lectures and workshops in Dermatology-Venereology.

With our colleagues in 'Andreas Syggros' Hospital, we move forward in the path of high educational, clinical and research standards in Dermatology-Venereology, aiming to offer high-level scientific education to students and residents and quality medical services to patients with a skin disease.

Professor Rigopoulos Dimitrios
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Useful Information

The hospital “Andreas Syggros” has the A’ University Clinic and the B’ and C’ State Dermatological Clinic, as well as all the necessary clinics in order to treat every dermatological disease.

Patients are treated in it’s 11 outpatient clinics and in it’s Tactical Medicine Clinic. There is also a Pediatric Dermatologist Clinic in order to treat infants and children with dermatologic diseases.

In addition the hospital has many specified clinics where patients can have an appointment, such us a Psoriasis Clinic, an Autoimmune Clinic, a Stomatology Clinic, an Onyx Clinic, a Mole Clinic, a Department of Oncology, as well as a Surgical Department. Patients with sexually transmitted diseases are referred to the specialized clinic for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

From the first of January 2013 patients that want to be treated in the outpatient dermatologic clinic should make an appointment first. The hospital is on duty everyday for emergencies with dermatological issues.
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